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Propane Delivery Avon CT 06001 - by Daniels Propane

When you need a reliable propane deliveries to your Avon CT residence or business, you can count on Daniels Propane to offer fuel brought directly to you. Give us a call on 860.342.1200 to arrange setup, liquid propane services, equipment installation or delivery.

Propane is a really secure and flexible fuel which can be made use of every place in your home. It can power a wide variety of devices such as heating systems, stoves, fireplaces, clothing dryers as well as generators.

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Daniels Propane of Portland and also Essex, CT is a full-service propane and home heating oil business that has actually been offering heating oil and reliable propane service to the Avon and the Central Connecticut/Shoreline area for over 90 years. Our propane services are always very competitive, and geared to meeting your budget and needs.
If you reside in the Avon CT region, get in touch with Daniels Propane for the dependable local propane service you deserve!



We're ready to provide you with the best price and reliable propane services in Avon CT - 860.342.1200

Commercial/Industrial Propane Specialist

Contact: David DeTuccio, Jr
General Manager
Propane Division
Daniels Energy Services
860-912-4271 (cell)
860-342-1200 x-137 (office)
860-342-4203 (fax)
Email: ddetuccio@danielsoil.com


Residential Propane Specialist

Contact: Tim Pappas
Propane Specialist
Residential Installation
Central CT & Shoreline
860-813-9118 (cell)
Email: timp@danielsoil.com

Installations • Propane Storage Tanks • Gas Piping • Hot Water Heater • Fireplace • Swimming Pool Heater • Cooking Stove • Clothes Dryer • Patio Heater • Barbeque • Residential Heating


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