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Propane Fuels Your Home Discreetly and Safely!

Propane tanks can be installed almost anywhere around your house. Easily accessible, they can be filled and maintained outside of your home. Placed in out of the way areas or hidden from view by landscaping, above ground tanks are the perfect fuel delivery solution for many homeowners.

Daniels PropaneAll Daniels propane tanks are constructed of heavy steel and are specially painted with a mastic coating to prevent corrosion. Environmentally friendly and requiring no maintenance, a propane tank will typically last for 30 to 40 years. Single-family homes can be fueled by tanks of varying sizes, depending on the demand. Smaller 100-gallon tanks provide energy for appliances, while 1,000+ gallon tanks can fuel very large homes with swimming pools and hot tubs. Generally, 500-gallon tanks easily accommodate an average four-bedroom home.

Once a propane tank is buried, only a small dome is visible – mere inches above the ground. The dome houses valves, gauges, and regulators, allowing for easy servicing and refilling. Even large-capacity tanks can be installed with minimal visual intrusion, yet still providing the clean, efficient comfort of propane energy.

This is the perfect time of year to install a new tank!

For underground tanks, excavation is usually small – approximately four feet wide by twelve feet long by five feet deep. Because of the smaller dimensions, excavation costs are minimal. The ground is soft and you can re-seed the area in the early fall.

Featuring Tanks by Worthington and Quality Steel

We provide site appraisals, "tank sizing", full installation support and maintenance for all of our work. For detailed information contact the Daniels Propane Manager nearest you.

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