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We Install and maintain Propane Furnaces, Hot Water Heaters, Boilers, Fireplace Logs, Propane Tanks and Piping, A/C Systems and more…...

Propane heating and cooling

Service AreaResponsive service
to most towns in Central Connecticut
and the Shoreline

Daniels Propane Service AreaAs one of the world’s most efficient sources of energy, nearly 60 million Americans use about 18 billion gallons of this remarkable fuel every year. It warms their homes, heats their water, cooks their food, dries their clothes and runs their vehicles economically and efficiently.

Because of propane's ability to become liquid under pressure, it's an energy that can be used virtually anywhere. It is off the natural gas mains and can be used wherever you live. A by-product of natural gas processing and crude oil refining, propane’s supply is plentiful and will continue to be, long into the 21st century. Almost all of our propane is produced domestically.

Let Daniels Give You the Propane Advantage

Go GreenIn today's rapidly changing world of ever-increasing energy demands, we know how to provide technical expertise in evolving energy systems while providing traditional
superior customer service.

Since we began delivering coal and range oil over eighty years ago, the Daniels family has specialized in delivering power fuels to homes and businesses throughout Connecticut. We are Daniels Energy because we deliver propane, natural gas and oil, as well as install, maintain and service heating and cooling equipment.

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