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From the international leader in hydronic heating, Buderus offers a range of highly efficient, cost-effective propane boilers for maximum residential and office comfort. For detailed information about Buderus Systems or any other Propane appliance, contact the Daniels Representative nearest you.

Wall-Hung Gas-Fired Boiler

GB142The state-of the art design of the GB142, with cast aluminum heat exchanger and integrated controls, is a rare combination of outstanding quality paired with exceptional value. Utilizing advanced condensing technology, the Buderus GB142 Wall-Hung Boiler maximizes the heating value of every gallon of propane. Its small size and minimal clearance requirements provide tremendous installation flexibility.

Thanks to the prefabricated manifold the GB142 has the fastest installation in the industry. Specially designed with an appropriately sized circulator, this manifold ensures proper flow-rate through the heater. This feature greatly extends the service life of the GB142. By simplifying the piping, the GB manifold allows for quicker, easier, and trouble-free installation. View GB142 specifications...

Gas-Fired Boiler

GC124The Buderus GC124 boiler is a compact, easy to install boiler with all the features and benefits Buderus customers have come to expect.

The GC124 is manufactured with Buderus’ patented GL180M Flexible Cast Iron for maximum corrosion resistance and unique stainless steel premix burners. Standard equipment includes high precision castings with threaded steel nipples, Honeywell aquastat, tridicator gauge, 30 psi relief valve and a circulator with a 3’ whip and a built in draft hood with integral draft diverter.

Convenient side piping design makes the GC124 the ideal boiler for replacement applications. Capable of delivering AFUE efficiencies up to 84%, the GC124 is available in 3 size with inputs of 74,000, 103,000 and 132,000 BTUH. View GA124 Specifications...

GB142 Wall-Hung Gas-Fired Boiler Specifications:

GB142 Specifications

GA124 Gas-Fired Boiler Specifications:

GA124 Specs

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